“Empty to Empowered.”
A real story, for real people.


A few years back, I found myself at a crossroads; I had just won an amazing contest that put my modeling career on the map, I was traveling around the country doing photo shoots and fashion shows, I was “poppin” as an up-and-comer in the industry, but it wasn’t enough. On the inside, I was majorly depressed. I had a horrible job, an empty relationship, unhealed wounds from an ex and unsolved childhood drama. One day I broke down watching a Tony Robbins documentary and thought, ‘there has to be more to life than this.’

No materialistic item in the world can bring you more joy that the amount of overflowing joy that you can create in yourself from simply loving yourself, for who you are, how you are. It is simply impossible to obtain more outside of yourself than what you can create for yourself. Period.

“Empty to Empowered” is my personal journey, out of my darkest days of yearning for more in my life. This is my inward reflection, turned inside out to show you how to fulfill your wildest dreams of happiness, confidence and inner peace.

There is more for you out there; let’s find it together!



My everyday mantra: #PrayAndSlay.


Prepare yourself for anything and then SLAY IT!

Secular or religious, it’s an easy concept to consider: Love yourself, always strive to be your best self, work on your craft, hone your skills and when opportunity comes, walk confidently into your true purpose.
That’s #PrayAndSlay!


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